GreenGeeks Review

Do you want some good integrity mixed in with robust features in your web host? 

Then you are in right place and read the following! Today, we are going to reviewing the green machine that is GreenGeeks.

We love story, so we will discuss about GreenGeeks real story. Its very interesting.

American entrepreneur Trey Gardner was alarmed by how much energy the web hosting industry was guzzling up each year during 2008. It was even predicted that, by 2020, the web hosting industry would have the same carbon footprint as the airline industry

GreenGeeks mission on to become the most eco-friendly web host in the world.

Now, They have been listed in the INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America for 4 consecutive years. GreekGeeks has hosted an impressive 500,000 websites to date. So we figure they must be doing something right.

One of GreenGeeks’ most standout features is 300% GREEN and the fact that they’re an environmentally conscious web hosting company. Once entered into their website, GreenGeeks jumps right into the fact that your hosting company should be green.

Then they explain, how they are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. whether it’s by planting trees or minimising waste. Some call it saving the planet, some call it a clever marketing ploy.

Recognized as an EPA Green Power Partner, they claim to be the most eco-friendly hosting provider in existence today.

However, The GreenGeeks takes this to a whole new level. We’ve simply never come across any other host that puts green practices at the forefront of their business.

GreenGeeks are certified green. GreenGeeks efforts have scored them plenty of environmental awards, and the status of official Green Power Partner with the US Environmental Protection Agency. Hosting with them should thus mean you / we are directly helping the environment.

Hosting with GreenGeeks is not simply carbon-neutral, but carbon-reducing in the environment. GreenGeeks simply commit to replacing THREE times the energy that they consume, via purchasing wind energy credits that are credited back to the grid.   

If you choose from a number of badges to display on your website, then let visitors know that your online business is earth-friendly. Whether it’s to inspire others to do the same or, well, brag a little and save earth.

Your website will loads very faster for site visitors, the better. Most of the users will close your website if it fails to load within 2 seconds or less. GreenGeeks will fulfill this expectations. And, while there are plenty of things you can do to optimize the speed and performance of your website on your own, knowing that your web host helps is a major bonus and more benefits.