Voot Kids

About Voot Kids

Watch Your Favourite Shows, Read Books, Listen To Stories And Learn With Fun, At One Place. Choose From The Widest Collection Of Popular Toons, E-Books, Audio Stories & Games. Kids Entertainment App. Audio & E-Books. Fun Learning App. Kids Learning App.
Ad-Free Safe Environment: Voot Kids is an ad-free, safe and secure environment. KIDS PROFILES: Create up to 5 kid’s profiles, each with their own viewing preferences, recommendations and settings. Watch on Any Device: Enjoy Voot Kids on your mobile, tablet & television.

Is VOOT good for kids?

The app has an iOS rating of 4.2 and an Android rating of 3.8. It is also one of the top 10 education apps in the Apple App Store. VOOT Kids wants to make screen time more meaningful for early learners (aged between two and eight)

How do I check my VOOT Kids subscription?

Go to settings and just click on the Subscription section. This screen will have your subscription details in that screen.

What cartoons are on VOOT kids?

VootKids has more cartoons like motu patlu, ninja hattori, keymone ache,  shiva and more cartoons…

Is VOOT a free app?

Voot was earlier a free of cost streaming platform, however, the company has recently changed that and is now offering customers premium content at a subscription cost of Rs 99 per month and at Rs 999 per year. However, it has not turned over to a fully paid platform as it still consists of free ad-supported content

why were using voot kids?

VOOT Kids wants to make screen time more meaningful for early learners (aged between two and eight). It stocks over 5,000 hours of content across 20,000 video shows, pictorial ebooks, audio stories, interactive quizzes, and games.

What is available on VOOT kids?

WATCH 13000+ Indian & International shows, with 200+ characters. Enjoy the most popular cartoons, from Motu Patlu, Peppa pig, Pokemon, Dreamtopia, Dora The Explorer and more. On your next family weekend, cuddle with your child and choose from a variety of shows.


1. Sign up using your mobile number or email id. Choose a subscription plan at the very outset. VOOT Kids has no free or ad-driven content.

Create your age profile with name and date-of-birth on the next screen. The app allows you to create up to four profiles, and the content is customized based on that.

2. You can switch between the profiles at any time.

In the next step, you can   choose your avatar ‘buddy’ and also select your favorite animation characters.

3. Options include Peppa Pig, Tintin, Pokémon, Garfield, Chhota Bheem, Motu Patlu, The Smurfs, Ninja Hattori, and many more.

This step is important and determines how the app chooses recommendations for you.

The homepage has four tabs –Learn, read, watch and listen.

4. There is a “My Stuff” section too, which is your customized content. It displays your ‘last viewed’ and ‘favorite’ videos and the ‘rewards’ you’ve collected.

Click on a title to play. You can pause, stop , and even  download each episodes. There’s also a ‘star’ button to add to favorites.

5. The app even allows you to choose streaming quality, which means you can select ‘low’ if you’re in areas with poor connectivity.

The ‘Watch’ tab contains 13,000+ animated videos, and has categories like Top Toons, Classic Toons, Fun & Learn, Most Popular Episodes, Movies Masti, and more.

6. The ‘Read’ tab offers a collection of more than 500 children’s books and has separate categories for Early Readers, Budding Readers, and Advanced Readers.

The ‘Listen’ tab consists of more than 150 audiobooks. It also has a Voot Kids Originals section, along with Indian folktales, nursery rhymes, and much more.

You can even play audio stories in the background ala podcasts or music tracks.

The ‘Learn’ tab offers interactive games and educational quizzes under five categories: Numbers, Words, Knowledge, Art, and Life.

7. Here you can also earn rewards and collect badges along the way. For example, if you score well in a Word quiz, you’ll be a ‘Speech Ninja’.

The top right of the homepage has the Search and Screencast buttons. You can even lookup a title using the voice search feature.

The top left of the homepage takes you back to your profile and the Parent Zone.

8. In the parent zone, a child’s progress can be tracked through a weekly dashboard.